Safe Church Commitment

At Wingham Baptist Church, it is our strong desire and intent, as a church which is committed and affiliated with the NSW and ACT Baptist Association and servants of God, that we make Wingham Baptist a safe place for all people where everyone can come and be completely at ease.

Within this, we will strive to implement and maintain a standard within the church that is considered above satisfactory to comply with the recommendations and requirements in regard to the issues arising from the royal commission into sexual misconduct in line with God’s calling to live lives that are a reflection of Him.

This standard includes, but is not limited to, implementing and interacting with polices which are legally acceptable, commencing and maintaining practices which help ensure safety, knowledge and accountability.

The standard also includes a change in understanding within the church body of the needs and expectations of the people in our care, improving the culture within the church so our thoughts, desires and actions reflect our God whom we love and long to see glorified. In everything we do, a transparency is offered to give everyone a greater piece of mind.

It is our duty to ensure the mistakes of the past are not repeated, and these efforts are part of a larger combined effort to work towards that goal.